Board of Elders

The Elders of the church are men elected by the voters to assist the Pastor with the ministry and are responsible to public worship services as well as monitoring memberís participation and/or problems. They are elected for a two year term, with half elected each year, in order to keep experienced members at all times.

The Elders elect their own chairman who represents them at Board of Directors meeting and reports actions and recommendations to the Voterís Assembly. The Elders also elect a secretary to keep a confidential permanent record of their meetings. The Elders meet on the second Thursday of every month with Pastor and Vicar regarding worship and matters concerning individuals of families in the congregation.

Elders make visits to the membership, assist in the worship service or classes, are responsible to see that confirmation classes are held, and make recommendations for materials to be used in worship, or changes in the worship service.

Each Elder is assigned families which they monitor, keeping record of participation in attendance at services and Bible class. In the monthly meeting the elders discuss families and bring information to Pastor and share concerns. Elders advise each other, along with Pastor and Vicar to better serve the members.

If you have a concern, please contact the Pastor or one of the Elders. An Elder is present at the end of every Sunday worship service, and always available by telephone.

The Elders assist in service to other committees and organizations in the congregation, especially in education and fellowship.