M. O. B. S.

Men’s Organization of Blessed Savior

Congratulations! All gentlemen of our congregation, 18 years and older, are members of your Blessed Savior’s Men’s Group. This is your organization, established for you to help your church, help you keep in God’s Word and help you grow missions and faith. No need to join, you are already a privileged member. All that is needed is your presence and participation.

Our mission defines a four-fold purpose: growing, sharing, demonstrating and enjoying, as stated in the following paragraph:

“the men of Blessed Savior, with God’s grace, strive to continually be In His Word, In His Mission, In His Service and In Christian Fellowship:

  • In His Word – We grow in Spiritual strength.
  • In His Mission – we share our Faith
  • In His Service, within our church and throughout our community, we demonstrate His unfailing love.
  • In Christian Fellowship we enjoy each other as brothers in Christ.”

Every Saturday at 7 to 8:30 a.m. we have a wonderful and enjoyable bible study at Denny’s on McDonnell Blvd. followed by breakfast and plenty of coffee or soda. As of September, we now have a Wednesday 7:00 a.m. Bible Study here at church with breakfast provided. Stop in and study God’s Word with us before you head off to work.

Each month we plan, organize and conduct a special event for the congregation for purpose of Christian Fellowship. These events include movie nights, BBQ’s, work nights, ice cream social and other special events.

We help properties by participating in work nights to help keep God’s house looking beautiful and functioning properly.

We look for special missions to share our faith with our neighbors and community.

Every first Monday of the month, we hold our meeting at 7:00 p.m. in fellowship hall. This time is used to enjoy dinner, organize upcoming events and enjoy a “special topics”.

Come, Grow, Share, Demonstrate and Enjoy!